New Service Procedure



Each property owner must sign a contract with the Authority of the Borough of Charleroi, which states that the Authority will provide them with potable water and that the property owner/water user will abide by the rules and regulations of the Authority. If a tapping fee is required, it should be paid at this time. Signing of the contract should be done at the Authority office at 3 McKean Avenue Charleroi, PA 15022. Specific instructions for the installation of you water service line will be provided to you at that time.

If you choose a plumber to make the necessary plumbing changes and curb stop connections, your plumber should contact the Authority of the Borough of Charleroi to obtain a copy of our specifications and to obtain any additional information they feel might be needed if they are not familiar with the Authority’s requirements.

Have your plumber make the necessary changes including connection of the service line to the new curb stop. This connection should not be covered with dirt at this time. Once the connection has been made and the fittings inside the house are ready for the meter, the plumber should call the Authority of the Borough of Charleroi.

Have the Authority’s personnel install the meter and inspect the connection to the curb box. When the installation has been approved, the water will be turned on.

Complete the installation by back filling the connection and service line only after obtaining approval from the Authority of the Borough of Charleroi. The ditch must be a minimum of three (3) feet deep.

Residents that are 100 feet or more from the main waterline will require a meter pit. This meter pit must be purchased from the Authority. When a meter pit is required, the customer may elect to use either K-Copper tubing or copper tube size Polyethylene PVC pipe (PE3408) when installing a service from the meter pit to their residence. Customers that are less than 100 feet from the main water line may also purchase a meter pit from the Authority. They may use other types of service lines if they meet the following requirements:

a. The meter pit must be purchased from the Authority and installed by the customer. The Authority will determine the distance of the meter pit from the curb box.

b. A thirty (30) day advance notice must be given if the customer wants a meter pit Meter pits must be ordered from our supplier.

Water service not supplied by the Authority shall not be connected, or cross connected, with the facilities of the Authority, nor shall the consumer connect his private well, spring or cistern with the facilities of the Authority.

An APPROVED backflow prevention assembly must be installed on the service line to a consumer’s water system. This will be located on the consumer’s side of the water meter, as close to the meter as is reasonably practical. On the service line there must be no outlet, tee, tap or connection of any sort to or from the supply pipeline between the meter and the protective assembly. (This will comply with the Authority of the Borough of Charleroi’s Water System Rules and Regulations for the cross connection and back flow prevention in accordance with the PA Safe Drinking Water Act.)

A one (1) inch air space between private water systems and the Authority’s water line is needed and will be inspected before the service connection will be made.

The water line from the curb box to the customer’s meter pit MUST BE 3/4″ K-Copper. A normal service size of 3/4” will be installed by the Authority. If the customer would like a larger service line, the tap-in fee would reflect an increase in cost.

When a meter pit is not needed, the service line from the curb box to the water meter will be 3/4” K- Copper tubing. No soldered fittings will be allowed between the water meter and the curb box. This must be inspected by Authority personnel before backfilling is complete.

Once your connection to the new water system is complete, you will be able to use water as you feel meets your needs. Your meter will be read on a quarterly basis, however you will be billed monthly with two estimated readings in a quarter based on your water consumption. All billings will be based on the Authority’s rate structure in effect at the time of the meter readings. A rate schedule can be obtained at the Authority’s office.

We trust that the information that we have provided here will be helpful in assisting you to connect to the new water system. However, should you have any questions or require any additional information, please call our office.