3 McKean Ave

P.O. BOX 211

Charleroi, Pa. 15022

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday 8:30am/4:00pm

2017 CCR Report

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Position Available

The Authority is actively seeking a hard working, motivated individual

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Helpful Hints:

Cold Weather Tips:

  • Garage Doors- Keep closed if water lines are present.
  • Cabinet Doors-Open to allow warm air to circulate around plumbing.
  • Trickle/drip-Faucets serviced by exposed pipes will less likely freeze if even the smallest amount of running water is present.
  • Thermostat-Keeping same temperature set for day and night.

Always maintain temperature NO LOWER than 55 degrees F!


An increase in heating bill is most likely LESS expensive than the repair costs with FROZEN/BURST pipe damage.


Check for Leaks

  • Check all toilets &  faucets! Leaky toilets &  faucets are the biggest cause of wasted water, resulting in large water bills.
  • The most common source of leaks is the toilet. Check for leaks by placing a few drops of food coloring in the tank, if after 45 minutes the dye appears in the bowl, the toilet has a leak.
  • Toilets can account for almost 30% of all indoor water use, more than any other fixture or appliance.