Water Rate Notice- EFFECTIVE 2/1/2020


The Authority of the Borough of Charleroi Water Department
Water Rate Changes
The following table summarizes the rate increases for all Authority Water Customers starting in February 2020. These rate changes are due to increasing Operating Costs and the need for Capital Improvements to the Authority’s Water System that cannot be supported by the current Water rates.
Please understand that the Authority Board exercised its best business judgment in keeping the increases to a minimum while meeting its obligations required by law.
We appreciate your patience, confidence, support and understanding of these necessary changes.
At its meeting on December 17, 2019, the Authority of the Borough of Charleroi, acting by virtue of a resolution, adopted the following rate schedule; effective on all water billed beginning February 1, 2020. These changes will be reflected on your March 2020 bill. This rate schedule applies to all classes of water customers.


      QUANTITY                                                   PRICE PER 1,000 GALLON

                     ALL WATER SOLD                                       $4.80                                                   



In addition to the Water Rate Charge, there will be changes to the Water Service and Capital Improvement Fees as well. These Fees, as in the past, are based on the size of the Water meter. These charges are itemized in the following table:

Size of Meter     Monthly Water Service Fee    +     Monthly Capital Improve Fee

¾ inch&smaller      $21.42                                                       $16.08

1 inch                           59.96                                                          45.03

1 ½ inch                      81.38                                                           61.11

2 inch                         145.63                                                        109.36

3 inch                         385.48                                                        289.48

4 inch                          856.61                                                        643.29

6 inch                       1,713.22                                                      1,286.58

8 inch                       2,998.14                                                      2,251.52

10 inch                      4,711.37                                                      3,538.11

12 inch                      5,310.99                                                     3,988.41

NOTE: A 5% penalty will be added to face value of all monthly bills paid after the due date.
ADOPTED BY RESOLUTION: December 17, 2019  EFFECTIVE: February 1, 2020
For questions regarding this notice call 724-483-3585