Charleroi Water Authority


The Authority of the Borough of Charleroi has worked diligently to keep service rates among the lowest in the surrounding areas and all of western Pennsylvania, while continuing to meet federally mandated regulations that will require more costly treatment to continue to provide water that meets rigorous requirements.

Recently completed construction includes rehabilitation of water storage tanks in Donora and Fallowfield Township, to extend the service life of these tanks and maintain water quality. Current projects underway include expansion and renovation of the water storage tanks in Charleroi, to improve capacity and water quality to the Charleroi, Fallowfield and Bentleyville areas and beyond. Also completed were improvements to the instrumentation system, which provide monitoring and control of the treatment plant and remote water storage tanks and pump stations.

This year will include line replacement projects in many sections of our service area. These are done in an ongoing process to maintain and improve the reliability of our distribution network and the water quality at your tap. Please bear with us during this construction, as minor interruptions to water service may occur as changes are made.

The new water treatment facilities that use membrane filtration, to insure a very high level of water treatment under all conditions, are now providing water to Authority customers. This system produces top quality water that will meet or exceed current water quality regulations and expected additions well into the future. Additional enhancements to the treatment facility to improve performance and reliability have begun in our continuing effort to maintain low rates for the benefit of our customer base.

Our office looks to constantly improve operation in providing prompt customer service and convenience, including credit card acceptance, automatic payment, IVR payments, and internet bill paying options.

As we look to the future, the Water Authority will continue to seek opportunities to expand the areas where we can provide water service and at the same time provide our competitive low rates for the benefit of all customers present and future.